Rock On

As I was working though a really painful yoga pose, one of my favourite instructors told the class this joke:

A woman was walking down the street and saw a man hitting himself with a hammer over and over again.  She walked over to him and asked “why are you doing that?”  He replied “because it feels so good when I stop.”

We all laughed then we released from the pose… you know what, it felt good.

When I think about my learning, it seems like the hammer joke is the pattern that I feel.  Learning is hard.  Learning hurts.  I get frustrated by learning.

But, when each step of my learning is done, I feel so good.  I feel good because I have grown.  Pain, frustration and difficulty instantly seem to vanish when the joy of new learning sets in.

Realizing my patterns I showed my new grade five students this video:

At the end of the video.  I put up this message: 

imageI think that part of our job is to have these types of meta conversations with our classes.  The more we can walk with our students through their learning (not push them, or walk for them), the more that they will not only walk but eventually fly through lessons.  They’ll do so with confidence that everything will be ok.  They’ll risk and try new things.  They’ll practice and retry.  They’ll “Keep calm and ROCK on!”


(*By a student in my new grade 5 class.  Hands down, the best name tag I have ever seen.)

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